Almah Roveshki

Pactmaster Merchant Princess


Almah is a young and beautiful human of Varisian decent. She has lightly tanned skin, dark hair and blue eyes. She generally dresses in traditional kelish style noble garments.


Almah is the latest in a long line of wealthy agents of the Pactmasters of Katapesh. Her family, originally from Varisia far to the north, has dwelt in Katapesh for several generations now. Unfortunately, her family has been down on its luck for most of those generations as a result of bad investments and the economic intrigues of rival merchant princes, but Almah is ready to steady the ship and rebuild her family legacy. One way to do that is to reestablish the Solku to Ipeq trade route, which used to be in the charge of her family ages ago. The Pactmasters want it back, so they have sent Almah to make it so.

Almah is a canny competitor who knows that she will not get a second chance to impress her mysterious superiors. Thus she threw everything into the expedition to reclaim the town of Kelmarane. She still managed to maintain the luxury of her position (perfumed accommodations, the finest silks, well-paid mercenaries), but the strains were starting to show, and the hint of desperation had begun to drive her decision-making. While she projected an outward atmosphere of control, she was more willing than ever to trust the counsel of outsiders. This, unwittingly, made her turn a blind eye to Dahski’s dubious background.

During the liberation of Kelmerane, she relied heavily on the abilities of her hired heroes, leaving the majority of her forces in reserve, expecting the heroes to fail. After the heroes decended into the crypts underneath Kelmerane to face Xulthos, she worried they were in the crypts too long and feared they had been defeated. She replaced the interdict key on the crypt trapping the heroes in the tomb with Xulthos.

After the heroes defeated Xulthos and were freed by Redwind, Almah realized the heroes potential and finally put her trust in them. She paid them a bonus and then gave them a charter to run the town.

Almah left Kelmerane to return to Solku where she would manage the trade route, leaving the heroes with a generous treasury to fund the rebuilding of the town.

Almah Roveshki

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