Ranger and Gnoll Expert


Dashki is a mangy, dart-eyed garundi male with a loose relationship with hygiene and manners. He dresses in filthy rags and walks with a slight limp due to an old injury. He has medium dark skin, black hair and dark brown eyes.


Almah hired Dashki in Solku a couple of weeks before her expedition departed for Kelmerane. Since Kelmerane was said to be under the control of gnolls, she needed an expert who could explain what she was up against and provide an edge in any possible negotiations with the creatures. Largely due to Dashki’s animated first-hand accounts of gnoll savagery, Almah gave up on the idea of diplomacy, but she kept him around because she trusts his advice, despite his eccentricities.

When Dashki was a child his village was overrun and burned down by the Three Jaws Tribe. His family was killed but his life was spared. They adopted the young Dashki into their hunting tribe and raised
him, after a fashion, as one of their own. Nonetheless, Dashki suffered years of cruel abuse at the hands of his new family in the Three Jaws tribe. He was a frequent target of humiliating (often violent) practical jokes, and retreated into a stage of savagery to preserve himself. Eventually, the impersonation became the truth, and Dashki became a gnoll in all but physical form.

Then, a few years ago, Dashki’s chieftain, Narg, decided to turn the young human into a spy. They cast him out of the tribe until he learned to become a human again. Seeking to regain the trust and companionship of his pack-mates, Dashki attempted to regain his humanity. When the gnolls did not respond—indeed almost disappeared into the mountains—he turned against them, siding with the only person in life he could ever trust: himself. In revenge he acted as a regional scout, leading teams of hunters and crusaders into the wilds to reclaim lands lost to gnoll incursions. That’s how he met Almah, working from a stall in the markets of Solku, eager for coin on the edge of desperation.

Dashki hid his true background from Almah and the other members of the expedition. When they arrived at Kelmerane he scouted out the area and discovered his old tribe. After finding out that the Pactmasters were going to attack the town, which was held by the Three Jaws tribe’s hated enemy the Kulldis tribe, Dashki secretly made contact with the Three Jaws to negotiate an alliance. The heroes discovered what he was doing and found out about his true upbringing. Begrudgingly they agreed to an alliance with the Three Jaws.

The alliance never saw fruition, because when the heroes killed Kardswann and captured Ugruk too they left the Kulldis tribe leaderless and in chaos. The Three Jaws saw this as an opprotunity and attacked the town on their own. In the middle of the battle between the Three Jaws and the Kulldis, Almah’s forces attacked, led by the heroes. During the insuing battle, Narg and the leadership of the Three Jaws were killed, leaving Dashki, technically, the senior and strongest member of the tribe.

With Dashki’s help Vek took control of the Three Jaws tribe and made Dashki his lieutenant.


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