Templar of the Five Winds - the Cosmic wind, the Wind of Change


In legends he is described as a light blue skinned Jann who has the features of a Tian-La. His hair is described as white and he often wears it long.


Mystic and assassin, master of Maelstrom staff of wind and magic

It is said that Davashuum originated from the land of Hongal and that when he was young his parents were enslaved by a wizard. Afterwards, he was raised in a temple of Irori, though it is believed that he doesn’t actually worship the god.

He worked for many years in Tian and Vudra as a bounty hunter until he met Nefeshti and became one of the founding members of the Templars of the Five Winds.

He is described as being amoral and a deadly creature that only cares for law and order. He served Nefeshti as an executioner and, in dire extremes, as an assassin.

His weapon Maelstrom is said to be a staff that is the “wizard’s bane” and protects him from his enemies magic and turn their spells against them.

At the Battle of Pale Mountain he is said to have ridden into battle on an Imperial Dragon.

The Heroes learned from the Mercane at the Giant Steps that he was last seen in the city of Axis a year ago where he assassinated a wizard in front of a crowd of witnesses.

His current whereabouts are unknown.


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