Almah's Major Domo and Manager of the Kelemeran Battle Market


Garavel is a kelishite. He is tall with a lantern jaw, short black hair and medium dark skin. He has a neatly trimmed beard. He bears the brand of the Pactmasters on his right forearm.


The dashing Garavel looks more like a swordsman than an accountant and business expert, yet it is he who has overseen much of Almah’s personal business.

Occasionally, Almah uses Garavel to do “dirty” work involving swordplay and skullduggery, always managing to keep herself removed from the lowest of her own dealings. Garavel’s years of service to Almah have instilled a noble sort of love for her—an emotion he is forbidden from expressing thanks to their different social status. He and Almah often share quarters, but there is nothing sexual about their relationship.

During the expedition to retake Kelmerane, Garavel was offered up as a hostage to the Three Jaws tribe for insurance against Almah betraying their alliance. When that alliance was abandoned he was left for dead in hills north of Kelmerane, but managed to make his way back to the Monastery.

When Almah left for Solku she left Garavel in charge of running the Battle Market.

On his right forearm is the brand known as the Pactmaster’s Favor. It is a sign of his direct servitude to the Pactmasters and a magical method of keeping his loyalty in check while he engages in important business matters on their behalf. The brand has the added benefit of making him highly resistant to enchantment effects.


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