Leader of the troglodytes at the House of the Beast


His scaly hide is dull gray. Like all troglodytes his frame resembles that of a cave lizard, with a long tail and crests on its head and back. He is particularly large for a troglodyte.


Grundmoch is the leader of the troglodyte tribe that lives at the House of the Beast. They fled the main temple and took refuge in the east gate house after Rokova accused Grundmoch of treachery and wanting to betray the Carrion King.

He explained to the Heroes upon meeting them the strangeness of recent events—how his friend Rokova went missing several months ago, his discovery of a badly savaged body that seemed to match his friend’s remains, and the results of his confrontation with the imposter who now wears Rokova’s skin.

When the Heroes fled the House of the Beast with the Scroll of Kakishon Grundmoch still controlled the east gate house.


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