Haidar Yunan

Accursed Osirioni Noble


Haider is a garundi male. He is tall and thin with medium brown skin, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears his hair long and has a full beard.


Twenty five years ago Haidar was a respected noble and military adviser in the city of Ipeq. However, upon receiving the gift of an accursed punching dagger he contracted lycanthropy. Becoming a massive wereleopard, the nobleman slaughtered his own household, then fled, into Katapesh, to hide his guilt.

Drawn to the lost shrine of Nethys by either happenstance or destiny, Haidar discovered the hidden passage into its depths. Within, tormented by his conscience, his curse, and the secrets of an ancient priesthood, Haidar spiraled into madness, slowly consumed by the beast he had become. At this same time tales spread of a terrible new predator prowling the hills near Kalmerane and of an Osirian noble who has gone missing in the region.

The monks of the Monastery of Saint Vardishal investigated these tales and discovered Haider in the shrine. They took him in and tried to help him overcome or control his lycanthorpy, not knowing that its source was the dagger Haider abandoned in the Shrine.

Two years later the priest of Kelmerane Halruun, became dominated by the div Xulthos and drove the town into madness and debauchery. Seeing the monks as a threat to Xulthos, Halruun sent the townsfolk under his control to kill the monks. Haider, who was living with the monks was injured in the fight and lost control of himself and transformed into the wereleopard. The wereleopard then slaughtered everyone present, monk and townfolk alike.

After his transformation ended Haider once again sought refuge in the Shrine of Nethys. He spent the next twenty years living as a crazed hermit in the Shrine and hills north of Kelmerane, until the Heroes discovered him and took the cursed dagger from him.

Haidar Yunan

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