Swashbuckler for Hire


A beautiful middle aged kelishite woman. She is medium height, with black hair and green eyes.


Gruff and eager to prove her battle prowess, the swordswoman makes friends fast, but she is her own woman and prefers to travel alone.

Haleen was recently forced to flee from her home in Katapesh City after an unfortunate series of events left her owing a lot of money to a local criminal. She wandered the wilds for some time before finally coming to Kelmarane.

She tried to earn back the 3,000 gp she owed without having to resort to selling her heirlooms (her buckler and rapier) by fighting for gold in the battle market. She managed to defeat every foe Kardswann arranged for her to fight, thanks to a combination of skill, speed, and luck; her last triumph over the ogre Hurvank left the creature dangerously humiliated, and she worried for a time that he was planning to kill her.

When the Heroes came to the Battle Market she ended up in a death match against her adopted sister Khadyja.


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