Efreeti Prince


Jhavhul is described as an efreeti, as tall as four men, muscular with crimson skin, smoldering eyes, huge black horns, and a fierce and arrogant expression. He wears an elaborate bronze breastplate that is scorched by flame and still seems to be on fire in places. He favors elaborate gold and brass jewelry and wields a huge, burning falchion.


Courts of Stone and Flame contains a brief entry on Jhavhul, who is listed as a shamed member of the efreet nobility of the City of Brass, a famed location on the Plane of Fire. The entry suggests that he ventured to the Material Plane in search of an army and a legacy to raise his standing among the nobility of the Plane of Fire, during which time he and his armies warred against the Templars of the Five Winds, but that he was never seen in the City of Brass again.

Some Garundi legends hold that the Jhavhul died during the Battle of Pale Mountain, but others say he escaped the battle and now wanders the Great Beyond gathering his strength waiting for the right moment to return to Garund.

But when Rusmanya bonded with Tempest, the spirit of Vardishal appeared to him and gave him a vision that Jhavhul was soon to return.

When the Heroes confronted Xulthos, the Div pretended to be Jhavhul. When his charade was revealed, he told the Heroes that Jhavhul was indeed alive and would return one day to burn the world.

The Heroes learned from the salamander Lasaar that Jhavhul used the House of the Beast to hold court with his followers where he granted them two wishes to use on themselves as long as they used the third wish for something he wanted. He used many of these wishes to give himself unprecedented power including making it impossible to find or detect him by magical means.

Lesaar also told the Heroes that Jhavhul had a secret hideaway that he went to when not at the House of the Beast, one that he made impossible to find with scrying or other magic.


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