Fallen Templar of the Five Winds - the East wind, the Wind of Seeking


Kardswann was a very muscular Jann that stood 7 foot tall with a earthy tanned complexion. He kept his head and face bald and his skin was covered in the scars from years of war.


Traveler and scout, wielder of Cyclone axe of wind and thunder

Legend says Kardswann was not from Golarion, but another world in the Material Plane. By the time Nefeshti met Kardswann he was already an experienced planer traveller. She asked the Jann to join her in her quest to end the slavery of Genie’s on Golarion. He accepted her patronage and become one of the founding members of the Templars of the Five Winds.

The Jann was a ranger who served as Nefeshti’s scout and messenger, gathering intelligence for the Templar’s crusade.

It is not known what his role in the Battle of Pale Mountain was or where he has been since. He returned to the region 3 years ago in search of something. Two years ago he arrived at the town of Kelmerane and soon after killed the current leader of the Kulldis tribe and took his place as the tribes leader.

When the Heroes encountered Xulthos he revealed that Kardswann had entered the crypt under the town expecting to find Tempest and the body of Vardishal, but found Xulthos instead and had his mind dominated by the div.

His weapon Cyclone was an axe, said to be the loudest, sharpest and fastest blade in the Great Beyond, capable of killing a dozen men with a single swing. When the Heroes confronted Kardswann, Cyclone had been reforged into a scythe. The reasons for this are unknown.


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