Salamander cleric of Flauros


A salamander from the elemental Plane of Fire, this snake-bodied humanoid hisses with anger. Spines of crackling flame dance along the creature’s blackened, fiery-red scales


Lasaar was a cleric of Ymeri who served the salamander noble Thratnias and her company of salamander warriors. The salamanders came to Katapesh to serve Jhavhul, but were left abandoned on Pale Mountain when Jhavhul disappeared after the battle with the original Templars of the Five Winds.

With no means to return to the Plane of Fire the salamanders have lived within the Mountain’s Maw, a volcanic cave on Pale Mountian, for the last 500 years. Lasaar became frustrated with Thratnias’ lake of leadership, so when the Heroes arrived at the Mountain’s Maw he did nothing to stop them from taking down Thratnias and eventually aided the Heroes on their quest into the House of the Beast in return for their promise that they would help him and the other salamanders return to the Plane of Fire.

He told the Heroes that Jhavhul used the House of the Beast to hold court with his followers where he granted them two wishes to use on themselves as long as they used the third wish for something he wanted. He used many of these wishes to give himself unprecedented power including making it impossible to find or detect him by magical means.

He said that Jhavhul never returned from his confrontation with the Templars, but his high priest came back with a scroll she said was used to destroy Jhavhul and his army.


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