Gnoll Barbarian - Marrow Reavers


Najak is a small mangy gnoll with vitiligo. Although she is small for a gnoll she is lean and muscular.


The leader of the Marrow Reavers is remarkably cold and methodical in her actions, Najak is prone to exceeding cruelty. She keeps a tight leash on that part of herself when in civilized areas or among those whom she needs to maintain as allies, presenting a cultured but oftentimes thin veneer of civility.

She is a devout worshiper of Lamashtu and wears the Mother’s holy symbol around her kneck.

Although she is clearly in charge of the Marrow Reavers, she lets Lamya and Narim do all the speaking for the group.

Narim is apparently her lover.

In battle she wears chainmail and wields a khopesh.


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