Rayhan Xobhadi

Pathfinder Venture-Captain and Wizard


Rayhan is a bald-headed man who stands at a towering 6 feet, 5 inches. Just recently 50 years old, Rayhan remains spry and in fine health. Most remember him by his piercing gaze and the raucous raven Abaneshi that is never far from his side. Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance and brusque nature, he warms up quickly to new friends.


Rayhan is a wizard and a scholar, a somewhat intimidating man who made his fortune early in life as an adventurer for the Pathfinder Society and then went into semi-retirement when he became a Venture Captain. He maintains a healthy income as a professor at the College of Dimensional Studies, by selling magic items he’s crafted and hiring out as a sage and researcher. His specialty is the study and history of ancient magic items, particularly those dealing with the manipulation of dimensions and reality, such as bags of holding and portable holes. His current project is an exhaustive study of the well of many worlds, including a catalog of the various other worlds these items open into. He has yet to secure one of the potent and expensive magical items for direct study, something that’s frustrated him greatly, and as a result his research is going slowly. His library is one of the most extensive collections of dimensional theory and planar lore in Katapesh, and Rayhan is considered one of the most learned individuals in Katapesh in the field of planar study.

Rayhan Xobhadi

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