Fallen Templar of the Five Winds - the West wind, the Wind of War


A blue skinned Janni believed to be from somewhere in Avistan.


Vardishal represents the West wind, the Wind of War, a wind said to carry the battle cries of all armies. He was a warrior-poet and general of Nefeshti’s armies, commander of Tempest sword of wind and lightning.

He used his skills as a bard to assemble and lead an army of genies and mortals against Jhavhul and his followers. During the Battle of Pale Mountain he faced the efreeti prince in single combat and suffered a mortal wound. He was able to escape the battlefield and reach a nearby hill where he cast his final wish that would bound his soul to his sword Tempest and ensured that Fate would cause a new group of heroes to take the place of the Templars when Jhavhul was about to return to Golarion.

A monestary of Serenrea was built around the site of his death and the stone he embedded Tempest in.


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