Div and Jhavhul's spymaster


Xulthos appeared as a goat-legged man with a single hypnotic eye in place of a face.


Xulthos claimed to be a servant of Jhavhul. Over twenty years ago he came to Kelmerane and dominated the mind of the town’s cleric Halruun, the two of them then drove the town’s inhabitants to insanity. The uprising was put down by the Pactmaster’s guard. Most of the townsfolk were killed, including Halruun, and Xulthos was trapped in the Temple crypt by Pactmaster wizards who were assisted by a Jann.

Xulthos was later discovered by Kardswann who entered the crypt in ethereal form and became dominated by the div.

The div was killed by the heroes after liberating Kelmerane from the Kulldis tribe.


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