Templar of the Five Winds - the South wind, the Wind of Secrets


Legend says he was a Jann from Garundi with coppery skin and fiery red hair.


He represents the South wind, the Wind of Secrets, upon which secrets thought hidden were carried. He was a diplomat and spy, possessor of Sicorro, sword of wind and sand.

Little is known of Zayfid. He operated in secrecy and was used by Nefeshti to spy on their enemies and deliver demands and ultimatums.

It is unknown what his role in the Battle of Pale Mountain was.

He infiltrated the House of the Beast and the Carrion King’s court by taking the identity of the gnoll assassin Rokova.

The heroes encountered him in the House of the Beast after he had slain the Marrow Reavers and taken the Scroll of Kakishon from them. He fled, leaving the Scroll behind, when some kind of spawn of an Outer God spawned in the dead body of Narim.

It was later discovered he arrived in Katapesh City were he disguised himself as a prophet named Aura who publicly heralded the arrival of the PCs and the Scroll of Kakishon. He also resumed the identity of Rokova and told the local cult of Lamashtu that the PCs had killed Najak, the daughter of Lamashtu’s high priestess.


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