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  • Azrikalis

    Azrikalis is a quasit that doesn't seem to be bound to anyone, but shows unflinching loyalty to Najak. The demon has a mocking sense of humor, and a venomous and foul-mouthed manner of speaking. It is an expert thief and spy.

  • Lamya Nilawi

    Lamya, a ranger, is obviously an experienced mercenary and expert archer. She is bold, gruff and street smart. She also appears to be responsible for acquiring the Marrow Reavers supplies. In battle she fights with a composite longbow and wears a …

  • Najak

    The leader of the Marrow Reavers is remarkably cold and methodical in her actions, Najak is prone to exceeding cruelty. She keeps a tight leash on that part of herself when in civilized areas or among those whom she needs to maintain as allies, presenting …

  • Narim Al-Rhad

    Narim is obviously an intelligent and well-spoken and mannered person and usually acts as the face of the Marrow Reavers. Although his manner reveals a possible cultured upbringing, his body is covered in the scars and brands of a life in slavery. Also …

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