Summary for the Month of Arodus, 4712 AR

Starting Statistics This Month

Kingdom Size: 1
Economy: +20, Loyalty: +8, Stability: +11, Treasury: 50bp  Consumption: 2
Unrest: 4 ( +1 from buildings, +3 from war)
Population: 80,  Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Base Limit: 1200gp
Buildings:  Battle Market, Herbalist Shop, Bridge, Cistern, 1 Tenement, and 1 House

Upkeep Phase

Determine Kingdom Stability:  The town remains unstable this month.  Stability check 1d20+11 = 19 vs. DC 22.  The town gains +1 Unrest.
Pay Consumption:  Current consumption is 2 bp.  Minus 2 bp from Treasury.
Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots:  The Herbalist shop generates 1 potion of blur.
Modify Unrest:  Haleen cracks down on dissidents and criminals.  -1 Unrest.  Loyalty Check 1d20 +8 = 22 vs. DC 20.  Loyalty decreases by one for the next month

Edict Phase

Assign Leadership: Already Decided.
Claim and Abandon Hexes:  Not available this month while consolidating power in town.
Build Terrain Improvements: You build a farm next to the river south of town.  This costs 8 bp.
Create and Improve Settlements:  You upgrade the Tenemant to a House for 2 bp.  You then rebuild the Alchemist for 9 bp.
Create Army Units: Nothing to do here right now.
Issue Edicts: Holiday Edicts: 1 holiday.  Promotion Edict: Token.  Taxation Edict: None.

Income Phase

Make Withdrawals from the Treasury: None.
Make Deposits to the Treasury: None.
Sell Expensive Items for BP: None.
Collect Taxes:  Economy check 1d20 +20 vs. DC 22 = 33.  The town collects 11 bp in income.

Event Phase

No Event this month.

Ending Statistics for the Month

Kingdom Size: 1
Economy: +24, Loyalty: +13, Stability: +16, Treasury: 42bp  Consumption: 2
Unrest:  1
Population:  80, Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Base Limit: 2200gp
Buildings:  Alchemist, Battle Market, Bridge, Cistern, Herbalist Shop, and 2 House
Terrain Improvements:  1 Farm
Magic Items for Sale:  1 potion of blur

Downtime for the Month of Arodus
Ruffio:  Ruffio spends 512gp and 3 days to get a gladiator fighting league started at the battle market. After a week of waiting the gladiator league goes live and earns Ruffio 28gp in profit.  Ruffio spends 11 days working and performing at the battle market and earns 30gp 8sp.

Vek:  Spends his downtime exploring Hex 5 and spying on the Three Jaws tribe at the old fort.

Khadjya:  Spends 4 days travelling the immediate area and gathering information about the gnoll tribes in the Pale Mountain region from nearby locals.  She gets three Knowledge rolls at +5 on this subject.  She then spends 10 days exploring the hills and mountains to the north. While exploring you discover survivors of the Kulldis tribe that have taken up refuge in a small copse of woods near a creek on the northside of a small mountain.  She manages to spy on them without being noticed.

Rusmanya:  Spends 2 day researching the Templars.  This research nets him three knowledge rolls at +5. He then travels to the Shrine of Nethys and spend 4 days studying spells there and adds 4 new 1st level spells to his spell book.  Afterwards he spends 4 days exploring Hex 2 then returns to town and recruits a Sage to help with his academic efforts.  The recruitment effort costs him 200gp


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