Gnoll Tribes

From his throne upon Pale Mountain’s slopes, the Carrion King commands hundreds of gnolls, his emissaries and slaves having compelled or subjugated numerous tribes of slavering warriors into his service. Most of the tribes existed before the Carrion King’s rise to power, having shared and warred over Pale Mountain for decades. Now they find themselves allies but, even under the claws of their brutal master, the resulting peace is a weak and little-enforced thing.

The tribes serving the Carrion King, each possesses a similar structure. A strong leader commands the activity of the whole pack, organizing hunts, placating the tribe’s deities, and leading them in preparations for raids and inevitable intertribal skirmishes. Even in this time of supposed truce between rival tribes, bloody conflicts are not uncommon. As individual tribes prove too small to sustain prolonged battles there might be weeks without any direct conflict, but a season cannot go by upon Pale Mountain without groups of gnolls dying in the jaws of enemy tribes. The Carrion King punishes conflicting tribes—often with murder and impossible commands— but such castigations are swiftly forgotten as rivalries and slights stir the embers anew.

Tribes of the Carrion King

Al’Chorhaiv – A nomadic tribe of gnolls that range across the entire Pale Mountain region. They have around 100 members and are lead by a gnoll druidess named Ahrikvask. They live with giant scorpians whose venom they are immune to and use on their weapons.

Al’Vohr’s Hunters – This band of accomplished gnoll hunters follow the flind Al’Vohr, a living legend in the Pale Mountain region who supposedly single-handedly slew a roc in its sleep and fed upon its eggs—some claim he was a normal gnoll before, and that the experience made him grow into a flind. Al’Vohr and his followers are skilled trackers who enjoy ambushing their prey at night.

Blackjaws – These reclusive gnolls live among the cracks and caves of the Obsidian Canyon. They pay tribute to the Carrion King but mostly keep to themselves.

The Circle – Little is known about this tribe. They are lead by a human witch and reside on the highest slope of Pale Mountain. It is said they have a large number of goblin slaves which they use to dig holes in the mountain.

Carrion – The Carrion King’s personal tribe is probably 200 strong. Their territory is the west slope of Pale Mountain, around the Carrion King’s hidden fortress, the House of the Beast.

The Ghulveis – The remnants of a gnoll tribe of the same name, the Ghulveis were afflicted with a terrible, flesh-wasting disease said to be punishment from Lamashtu for their weak fertility. Now only a score of gauze-wrapped flinds and a pack of mangy hyenas—who lick their masters’ wounds—remain. The Carrion King employs the leper-like gnolls as threats, sending them among those who displease him.

Kulldis – Since the Heroes retook Kelmerane the surviving members of the Kulldis tribe fled north into the hills. It is unknown how many of them remain.

Red Claws – Numbering a hundred or more gnolls they are second in size only to the Carrion Tribe. They are lead by a brutal and legendary flind barbarian Hakkur. The tribe is the vanguard of the Carrion Kings forces and lair along the river approach to Pale Mountian.

The Sordaiv – This isolated, inbred tribe of human nomads has long been estranged from the other wanderers of central Katapesh, believing some great wrong was committed against them in the distant past. Numbering no more than 40 ash-robed raiders, these dull-witted but skilled desert trackers now lend their services to the Carrion King.

Wormhallow – This tribe of crafty gnolls live along the base of Pale Mountain and are lead by a conniving gnoll known as Kikkling the Slight. They number close to 100.

Wyrmslaves – These 40 gnolls were once of the Al’Drogat tribe, but their people were wiped out by the fat behir Lazzairhage. While the behir claims the gnolls as slaves, several of his servants are considerably more cunning than he is. Thus, the gnolls have convinced him to join in the plots of the Carrion King.

Other Tribes
Three Jaws – a non-aligned tribe that lives on the plataue west of Kelmarane. Most of the tribe was killed in the battle for Kelmerane. The gnoll druid Vek and the human ranger Dashki have assumed leadership of the tribe.

Ravagers – a tribe of about 30 gnolls that hunt in the savanahs and desert south of Kelmerane.

Grak’auk – a tribe of devout Lamashtu worshipers, they live on the eastern precipice of the Jackel’s Maw.

Small Tribes – there are a score or more gnoll tribes in the Katapesh Highlands and Pale Mountain region that have fewer than a dozen members. Tribes this small usually are isolated or keep to themselves, staying out of the politics of the Carrion King or the Red Sultana.

Gnoll Tribes

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