A Pactmaster town along the Pale River east of Pale Mountain. The town was abandoned twenty years ago by the Pactmasters after the townfolk were driven made by the cleric Halruun who was being dominated by the div Xulthos. Pactmaster gaurds killed Halruun and the remaining townfolk and then with the help of a Janni imprisoned Xulthos in the crypts under the town cathedral.


4692 Xulthos dominates the priest Halruun who then leads the town to madness. The Pactmasters kill the survivors of the town and with the help of an unnamed Jann trap Xulthos in the crypts underneath the towns temple. They then abandon the town.

4702 AR Undrella took up residence in the old tannery

4707 AR the Kulldis tribe moved into the town.

4710 AR the janni Kardswann came to Kelmerane killed the leader of the Kulldis and then took leadership of the tribe.

4712 AR the new Templars of the Five Winds and the Pactmasters liberated the town from Kardswann and the Kulldis tribe.

Organizations of Kelmarane

Gladiator League – Run by Ruffio, this league is made up of a small group of fighters and gladiators that fight for sport in the battle market. Teams: 1 Driver, 1 Guards, 1 Laborers, 1 Lackeys, 1 Scofflaws, 1 Elite Soldiers. Capital Check: +16.

Academic Society – Run by Rusmanya, this is a small group of academics that spend there time in the town teaching anyone who wants to learn. Teams: 2 Sage, 1 Bureaucrats; Size: 7; Capital Check: +14

Three Jaws Tribe – Lead by Vek, this tribe of gnolls lives in the hills west of Kelmerane. Teams: 1 Cutpurses, 1 Driver, 2 Guard, 2 Laborers, 1 Lackey, 2 Soldier; Size: 46; Capital Check: +25


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