Month of Neth, 4712 AR

Starting Statistics for the Month

Kingdom Size: 3
Economy: +30, Loyalty: +14, Stability: +17, Treasury: 38bp  Consumption: 4  
Control DC: 24
Unrest:  0 (-2)
Population:  115, Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Base Limit: 2700gp
Buildings:  Alchemist, Barracks, Battle Market, Bridge, Cistern, Herbalist Shop, Inn and 3 House
Terrain Improvements:  1 Farm, 2 Pesh Plantation
Magic Items for Sale:  1 potion of darkvision, 1 potion of endure elements.

Upkeep Phase

Determine Kingdom Stability: The town is stable this month.  Stability check 1d20+17 = 28 vs. DC 24.  The town gains 1 bp.  
Pay Consumption:   Current consumption is 4 bp.  Minus 4 bp from Treasury.
Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots:  All slots are full
Modify Unrest:   Unrest is low so Haleen doesn’t attempt to suppress unrest.

Edict Phase

Assign Leadership: No change.
Claim and Abandon Hexes: You claim hex 15.20.  This costs 1 bp
Build Terrain Improvements:  You rebuild the watchtower in hex 13.21. You get a free Farm for claiming hex 15.20. This costs 6 bp.
Create and Improve Settlements:  You rebuild the Temple and add a House. This costs 19 bp.
Create Army Units:  Nothing to do here right now.
Issue Edicts: Holiday Edicts: 1 holiday.  Promotion Edict: Token.  Taxation Edict: None.

Income Phase

Make Withdrawals from the Treasury: None.
Make Deposits to the Treasury: None
Sell Expensive Items for BP: None.
Collect Taxes:  Economy check 1d20+30 vs. DC 0 = 43.  The town collects 15 bp in income.

Event Phase

Vek buys potions in town for sale.

Ending Statistics for the Month

Kingdom Size: 4
Economy: +30, Loyalty: +16, Stability: +20, Treasury: 24 bp  Consumption: 2 
Control DC: 25
Unrest:  0 (-5)
Population:  150, Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Base Limit: 2700gp
Buildings:  Alchemist, Barracks, Battle Market, Bridge, Cistern, Herbalist Shop, Inn, 3 House, and Temple of Serenrae.
Terrain Improvements:  2 Farm, 2 Pesh Plantation, 1 Watchtower
Magic Items for Sale:  none.

Downtime for the Month of Neth

The heroes explored the Pyramid of the Four Pharoahs of Ascension, returned to Ipeq and then travelled back to Kelmerane. So there was no downtime this month.

Gladiator League – the league earns Ruffio 78gp this month.

Academic Society – the academic society earns 6 Influence and 9 gp. They now have 12 Influence and 18 gp saved up.

Three Jaws Tribe – the gnoll tribe earn 3 Goods, 3 Influence, 6 labor and 15 gp. They now have 6 Goods, 6 Influence, 12 Labor and 30 gp saved up.


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