Month of Rova, 4712 AR

Starting Statistics This Month

Kingdom Size: 1
Economy: +24, Loyalty: +13, Stability: +16, Treasury: 42bp,  Consumption: 2,  
Control DC: 22
Unrest:  1
Population:  80, Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Base Limit: 2200gp
Buildings:  Alchemist, Battle Market, Bridge, Cistern, Herbalist Shop, and 2 House
Terrain Improvements:  1 Farm
Magic Items for Sale:  1 potion of blur

Upkeep Phase

Determine Kingdom Stability: The town is stable this month.  Stability check 1d20 +16 = 29 vs. DC 22.  The town gains +1 loyalty back.
Pay Consumption:  Current consumption is 2 bp.  Minus 2 bp from Treasury.
Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots:  The Herbalist shop magic item slot is full so no new magic items are generated.  The Alchemist shop does not generate a magic item this month.
Modify Unrest:  Unrest is low so Haleen doesn’t attempt to suppress unrest.

Edict Phase

Assign Leadership: No change.
Claim and Abandon Hexes: You claim hex 14.22.  This costs 4 bp.
Build Terrain Improvements:  You build a pesh plantation west of town.  This costs 2 bp.
Create and Improve Settlements:  You rebuild a House for 2 bp.  You then build a barracks for 6bp.
Create Army Units:  Nothing to do here right now.
Issue Edicts: Holiday Edicts: 1 holiday.  Promotion Edict: Token.  Taxation Edict: None.

Income Phase

Make Withdrawals from the Treasury: None.
Make Deposits to the Treasury: None.
Sell Expensive Items for BP: None.
Collect Taxes:  Economy check 1d20 +24 vs. DC 22 = 32.  The town collects 11 bp in income.

Event Phase

Natural blessing – a field of dawnflowers begin blooming on the side of the hill the town is on.  The townfolk take this as a good omen.  +4 to stability until next event phase.

Ending Statistics for the Month

Kingdom Size: 2
Economy: +27, Loyalty: +14, Stability: +21, Treasury: 38bp,  Consumption: 2,
Control DC: 23
Unrest:  0 (-2)
Population:  95, Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Base Limit: 2200gp
Buildings:  Alchemist, Barracks, Battle Market, Bridge, Cistern, Herbalist Shop, and 3 House
Terrain Improvements:  1 Farm, 1 Pesh Plantation
Magic Items for Sale:  1 potion of blur

Downtime for the Month of Rova

Ruffio: Spends 330gp to recruit Elite gladiators (+6) to gladiator league (5 days). He spends 1 day and 20 gp promoting the gladiator league and earns 25gp from the promotion. He spends 1 day performing at the battle market and earns 4gp. He then spends 14 days exploring Hex 3 and finds an oasis that may be Redwinds home but its booby trapped so you couldn’t get close to it. Earns 124gp from Gladiator League.

Rasmanya: 3 days enchanting his brooch. He spends 4 days recruiting another sage for his organization. He spends 5 days at nearby village promoting goodwill and gain friendly relations with them. He then spends 9 days working and earns 113gp.

Khadjya: Explore hex 6 for 7 days. She then performs for 14 days at the battle market and earns 70gp,

Vek: He kills the leader of the Three Jaws tribe and takes control of the tribe.


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