The Giants Steps

The two small freshwater lakes to either side of the old trade route became known as the “Giant’s Steps” for their resemblance to a pair of footprints in muddy ground, filled in with water. Various local legends claim they were actually made by a giant or titan in ages past, and their water is especially potent because of it. All
anyone knows now is the Steps are some of the first relief Osirion caravans headed south encounter upon entering the highlands. Indeed, that is how they came to be named the “Left Step” and the “Right Step,” as if the giant were walking south-southeast (and where but Osirion would such a colossus originate, the namers thought).

An island in the middle of the Left Step has become the lair of Ramaam a Criosphinx. He considers the Giant Steps his territory, but allows anyone, traveler or bandit, to seek refuge at the oasis as long as they pay him a tribute.

When the Heroes arrived at the Giant Steps they found it occupied by four different bandit groups who have been raiding southern Osirion. The bandits had made camp around a tent that was used as an interdiminsional gate to a warehouse run by the mercane merchants Thardru and Thonme.

The Heroes allied with the Marrow Reavers and the bandit group lead by the barbarian Gasu to expel the other bandit groups from the Giant Steps. They also made a deal with Ramaan to bring him a relic of his people as a sign of good faith. In hopes that they can restore trade to Osirion and the Criosphinx would allow merchant caravans to pass through the Giant Steps. Before the Heroes left they also recieved the mercane token from Thardru which they can use to return to the mercane warehouse.

The Giants Steps

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