The Templars of the Five Winds

The Templars of the Five Winds were a group of five powerful genies from antiquity. The templars themselves are jann, mortal genie-spirits dedicated to no particular element. For some reason, these jann cannot die. Each Templar was associated with a specific aspect of the wind, and each wielded a distinct, highly potent magic weapon. They have not been heard from in centuries, but travelers in the northern reaches of Katapesh and the southern bounds of Osirion still sometimes attribute miracles or victories to their guidance.

The Templars of the Five Winds served a powerful djinni princess named Nefeshti, a great genie noble whose designs upon Osirion and Katapesh have had good and bad consequences. The Song of Edrehu suggests that the Templars’ immortality came from a powerful wish uttered by Nefeshti in antiquity, stating that so long as the warriors retained her favor, they would live forever.

The Templars were said to be particular enemies of wizards who bound genies against their will. They were also the enemy of the cult of Rovagug, god of destruction, and many tales of their triumphs recount battles against the spawn of that vile religion.

Legend tells that the Templars of the Five Winds defeated an army lead by the efreeti prince Jhavhul hundreds of years ago near Pale Mountain in the Brazen Peaks, a pinnacle not very far from the village of Kelmarane.

The five Templars were:

Davashuum, he represents the Cosmic wind, the Wind of Change, which carries the destiny of the world. He was a mystic and assassin, master of Maelstrom staff of wind and magic.

Kardswann, he represents the East wind, the Wind of Seeking, the most well-traveled and worldly of the winds. He was a scout and messanger, wielder of Cyclone axe of wind and thunder.

Pazhvann, he represents the North wind, the Wind of Knowledge, upon which the whispers of the gods and the advice of elders is carried. He was a sage and advisor, bearer of Blizzard, spear of wind and ice.

Vardishal, he represents the West wind, the Wind of War, a wind said to carry the battle cries of all armies. He was a warrior-poet and general of Nefeshti’s armies, commander of Tempest sword of wind and lightning.

Zayifid, He represents the South wind, the Wind of Secrets, upon which secrets thought hidden were carried. He was a diplomat and spy, possessor of Sicorro, sword of wind and sand.

The Templars of the Five Winds

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