Crown of the Sphinx

The Crown of the Sphinx looks similar to a pharaoh’s headpiece. The center piece of it’s headband is the bust of a sphinx (andro or gyno) with two jeweled eyes. The headband itself looks like two sphinx wings whose tips meet at the back of the headpiece. The head-dress is made of silk and usually feature typical Osirian designs. The crowns were usually made in pairs, one for an androsphynx and one for a gynosphinx, though anyone can wear them as they resize themselves to fit the wearer.

When worn the Crown of the Sphinx acts as a minor crown of blasting, but also conveys great knowledge on the wearer. The wearer receives a +4 to all knowledge rolls as if they had the bardic knowledge ability and benefit from the tongues spell as if it had been cast on them permanently.

If both crowns of a matching set are being worn, once per day the two wearers can communicate with a telepathic bond spell. This communication lasts 10 minutes and always works regardless of the range as long as both wearers are on the same planet.

If a sphinx wears the Crown they also gain the domain powers of the knowledge domain and the bonus to knowledge rolls is equal to half their hit dice.

The powers of this crown only work if it is being prominently displayed when worn.

Crown of the Sphinx

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