Cyclone, Scythe of Wind and Thunder

Cyclone.jpgCyclone is a wicked looking cold iron scythe. Originally Cyclone was a battle axe, but at some point was broken and then reforged as a scythe. Close inspection reveals miniscule seams where the shattered pieces of the battle axe were melded together to for the scythe’s blade. The scythe is unusally light for a weapon of its size and is easy to carry and swing. The weapon is also extraordinarily noisy when struck against things or used in combat.

At Fifteenth level, mythic tier four, Cyclone is a + 3 mighty cleave anarchic thundering keen scythe with a number of legendary abilities.

Legendary Abilities
Dedicated Bond: Cyclone has the Dedicated Bond legendary Item power.

Legendary Power: Cyclone grants it’s wielder 4 points of legendary power a day that can be used for mythic surges on attack rolls and to confirm criticals with the scythe.

Mythic Keen: Cyclone has a total threat range of 18-20 and grants +2 to confirm criticals.

Mythic Whirlwind Attack: As a standard action you may spend a use of legendary power to make a whirlwind attack this round as if you had the whirlwind attack feat. You may make a free trip attack on any opponent that you damage with your whirlwind attack. These trip attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Thunderclap: cyclone can cast Shout once per day.

Cyclone Form: As a move action you may spend a use of legendary power and transform into a whirlwind as if you were a medium air elemental. You may remain in this form for a number of rounds equal to your mythic tier. While in this form you may use the scythe’s damage (including enhancement bonus) in place of your slam attack.

Mythic Vorpal: The wielder may spend a legendary power to make the weapon count as a vorpal weapon against non-mythic targets for 1 round per mythic tier.

Returning: Cyclone has the legendary Returning ability.

Cyclone, Scythe of Wind and Thunder

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