Sirocco, Blade of Wind and Sand

Little is known of this blades history since little is known of the blades original owner. Sirocco looks like a sword made out of polished sandstone. When the sword is swung tiny bits of sand are cast off of it. The sword is made from a magically treated mineral only found on the elemental plain of earth. This gives the sword its shapeshifting properties.

At Fifteenth level, mythic tier six, Sirocco is a +4 corrosive burst sandsword.

Legendary Abilities
Legendary power: Sirocco grants its wielder 2 points of legendary power a day that can be used for surges on attack rolls with the scimitar.

Sandsword: Sirocco is made of a shapeshifting metal. With a move action the sword can transform from a dagger to scimitar to falchion or back.

Shifting Sands: Three times a day, as a swift action, you can expend one use of legendary power to gain the benefits of the haste spell for a number of rounds equal to your tier. In addition you ignore difficult terrain during this time.

Hot Air: The wielder of Sirocco always seems to be surrounded by a warm breeze. The wielder may cast the breeze cantrip at will.

Doom of the Consuming Desert: This power wreathes you in abrasive swirling sand and damages each creature near you in melee. Any creature within 5 ft. of you takes 1d8 acid damage + 1 per caster level (maximum +15). If the attacker has spell resistance, it applies to this effect. Creatures wielding melee weapons with reach are not subject to this damage if they attack you. Activating this power takes a swift action and you can use it for a number of rounds per day equal to your caster level. You do not need to use these rounds consecutively.

Sand Whirlwind: Three times a day the wielder of Sirocco may cast Sand Whirlwind.

Updraft: You may cast feather fall three times a day.

Dust Devil: the wielder may cast Gaseous Form once a day transforming into a cloud of sand (self only; fly speed is 30ft). You may use a mythic power to recharge this ability.

Sandstorm: the wielder may cast Ash Storm once a day. You may use a mythic power to recharge this ability.

Sirocco: the wielder may cast Sirocco once a day. You may use a mythic power to recharge this ability.

Returning: Sirocco has the legendary Returning ability.

Sirocco, Blade of Wind and Sand

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