Staff of Nex

The Staff of Nex is made from a supple length of willow topped with a crook that is wrapped around an ellipsoid shaped agate. The rings of the agate appear to form a mystic eye.

At Fifteenth level, teir 6 the Staff of Nex is a +3 quarterstaff. The caster level of the staff is equal to the character level of the person bonded to the staff.

Legendary Powers

Legendary Power: The Staff of Nex grants its wielder 2 points of legendary power a day that can be used for surges on attack rolls with the staff or to activate one of it’s powers.

Dancing Staff: You can spend a mythic power to give the staff the dancing special weapon quality for 5 rounds.

Third Eye: The bearer of the staff is granted the Eye of the Arclord feat. If the bearer already has this feat he can use it one additional time per day for every two mythic tiers he has. You may spend a mythic power to use this feat an additional time. You may activate the feat as a move action instead of a standard action. While using Eye of the Arclord you gain the benefits of the Arcane Sight spell.

Magic staff: The Staff of Nex counts as a magic staff with 10 charges per day. The Staff of Nex allows use of the following spells:

  • Arcane sight (1 charge)
  • Dispel Magic (1 charges)
  • Magic missile (1 charges)
  • Tongues (1 charge)
  • Scrying (2 charges)
  • Wall of force (2 charges)
  • True seeing (3 charges)

Shift: three times per day you can teleport as if you had the Shift ability of the Conjuration school.

Metamagician: This ability allows a spellcaster to apply a metamagic feat she knows to a spell as she casts it. She must expend a number of uses of legendary power equal to the increase of spell level the metamagic feat usually applies (minimum 1). This metamagic feat is applied spontaneously and without changing the casting time.

Everlasting: This ability grants its bearer limited immortality. While in contact with this item, the bonded creature doesn’t age; doesn’t need to eat, drink, or breathe; and doesn’t suffer any ill effects from extreme heat or extreme cold. An item must be a major artifact to have this ability. This is a persistent ability.

Staff of Nex

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